Cosmic Wellness

” Assisting you with wellness for your mind, body and soul ” 

Jessica Brull is a Sattva Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Reiki Master, PSYCH-K ® advanced facilitator and an Ayurveda Coach and Therapist.

Wellness Offerings

A Multilingual & Multifaceted Approach

Fluent in four different languages: Catalan, Spanish, English and Portuguese. 

    Jessica has a wide range of skills to adapt them
to different needs, both at individual and group level in retreats and
workshops which makes every session and experience to be unique and


We would like to thank you again for all the yoga sessions, we really enjoyed. Best of
luck for this summer. We hope to see you again in October.

Françoise, Bélgica

Super! They loved it! Even the girls that are a little bit knottier, made amazing
comments about you! They asked me if you could write us down the sentences you
made us repeat during the meditation and if you could come back before we go to the
national competition! Thank you.

Mireia, España

I had a Reiki session with Jessica and it was an amazing experience. I received great
insight on my chakras. Jessica is a compassionate and kind soul!

Adrian, Kuwait

I had a ten-day Ayurvedic nutrition treatment and I totally felt in love. 100%

Betlem, España

When I came to you, through a friend, I was in an extrem situation, I am a rebirth
therapist, acupuncturist, massage therpapist, reflexologist and I have been engaged in
my personal growth for more than ten years, I have helped hundreds of women, but I
forgot to take care of myself, I forgot everything I knew, while in a toxic relationship.
You were like a reconnection with my being, you helped me to start recovering from
this fall, to start again to recover my power, my self-esteem, in a single session.
I am enormously grateful that you have appeared on my path and although they do not
know, my children are also, if it wasn´t for you, it is possible that I would no longer
here. Thank you Jessica you are light in my dark night.

Marisa, Spain

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