What do we offer on online sessions? A guaranteed transformation!

The different programs we offer in Private Online Coaching is an opportunity for you to design what best suits your needs. In these sessions you can find Ayurvedic Nutrition, Healing through Reiki (universal energy), re-programing your subconsious mind from limiting beliefs with PSYCH-K® as well as initiation of powerful practices of the Himalayan Masters

In addition, if you are interested in getting started in meditation, we now have the possibility to do it from a distance without losing any essence.

What can we work on during the sessions?

  • Heal past wounds, addictions, toxic patterns.
  • Anxiety, nervousness
  • Lead a healthy life, learn how to take care of the physical body and eat depending on your unique constitution.
  • Daily routines for your physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

What are the benefits of these practices?

These sessions will guide you towards the transformation on everything that is blocking us from living the life we want. You will obtain greater mental clarity, confidence with yourself, achieve that well-being that you desire in a conscious, evolutionary and expansive way. You will gain strength and vitality to fully live your day to day and adapt to any situation in a positive way.


     Ayurvedic nutrition base it has its emblem of being very personalized and it is designed to improve energy levels, to promote the removal of toxins from our body and therefore to eliminate symptoms such as allergies, drowsiness, tiredness, joints pain, stress, insomnia, anxiety, loss of weight or digestive problems. 

The best thing about Ayurveda nutrition is that in addition to making the person feel better on an integral level, it also leads to a deeper awareness about oneself, to look for that connection again and to take care of oneself more wisely and compassionately.


  • FIRST CONSULTATION (60-90min) where we will make a complete evaluation of your system to determine your Prakruti (constitution at birth) and Vikruti (constitution / inharmony at the present time), state of your Agni (digestive system), among other variables that may affect your whole well-being. 
  • I WILL DEVELOP AN INTEGRAL PLAN with the best food guides completely customized for you. Not only will I tell you how to nurture inside with your diet, but I will also help you change habits that can guide you for better well-being at all levels.
  • SECOND CONSULTATION (60-90min) I will send you your meal plan, daily routines along with some yoga and meditation tips. In our call I will explain your plan in detail and we will clarify all your doubts.
  • FOLLOW-UP CONSULTATIONS are recommended  during the next three months.


 * Sessions will be made using SKYPE and / or WhatsApp calls with video.

Distance Reiki healing is a technique called, in Japanese, Enkaku Chiryo, which allows healing energy to be sent anywhere in the universe.

This technique also allows us to facilitate reiki for different events in our lives, such as exams, job interviews, meetings, negotiations, conflicts, purification and cleaning of spaces …


After obtaining all your information and having a date and time to specify your session…

  • You will look for a quiet place, where to receive being comfortable and relaxed.
  • I will invite you to create a pleasant and warm space with candles, incenses, soft music …
  • Relax and let go, observing the sensations you may feel.
  • The session usually lasts between 45 and 60 minutes.
  • After the session, if you are available, through a WhatsApp / Skype call we would share any feelings, emotions that might have come up through the session.
  • You will get guidelines and some tips to follow, if necessary, after your session.


PSYCH-K® is a process where we re-design our life easily and effectively.

It is an innovative method that will allow you to access your personal power to increase your level of self-esteem and improve the relationship you have with yourself and your environment, helping you achieve everything you set out to live from your maximum potential.


… you want to recover your personal power?

… what you believe about yourself prevents you from moving forward and it’s is an obstacle for getting what you want?

… you need to manage your fears and insecurities?

… would you like to strengthen your self-esteem, trust and feel more valuable?

… you want to take charge of your life and create the life you want?

… you are stuck, you want to change that situation and you don’t have mental clarity?

… you are tired of striving and you don’t get the results you want?

Through this powerful technique I will help you find your personal power, changing the beliefs (ideas, thoughts, internal resistance …) that prevent you from being, doing and having what you really want.

With PSYCH-K® you will: 

✓ Transform the beliefs that are preventing you from achieving what you propose in beliefs that maximize your potential.

✓ Overcome all the internal resistance that accompanies you since your childhood.

✓ Change behaviour patterns that are not useful to you.

✓ Turn your “I can’t” into confidence in yourself.

✓ Face your fears.

✓ Accept you deeply.

✓ Loving you unconditionally.

✓ Reach any challenge you set.


 * Sessions will be made using SKYPE and / or WhatsApp calls with video.

  • In the Spiritual Coaching program you will be able to learn and integrate Yoga practices (kriyas, pranayamas, tantric and vedantic methods, laya movements…) of the Himalayan Masters, from their maximum purity and truth.
  • Do you want to live a conscious and fulfilled life ?
  • Do you feel lost and do not know how to continue?
  • Are you feeling changes and openness on a spiritual level?
  • Do you need guidance to be able to align all the emotional energy?

These sessions will support and guide you to gain greater awareness, mental clarity, strength, vitality and confidence. 

It is a completely personalized program, depending on your needs and objectives.


Stress, anxiety, self sabotage, toxic behaviours, attachment, suffering … anything that is not allowing you to live the life you want. You must be prepared to surrender yourself fully, to leave your comfort zone, and thus be able to obtain your inner peace and begin a path full of light, consciousness and love.


  • FIRST CONSULTATION (90 min) where you can explain what your needs, desires and objectives are at the same time that you can share with me any area where you can feel stuck.
  •  Once all the necessary information has been obtained and I get to know you , I will develop a completely personalized practice for you (meditations, kriyas, pranayamas, energetic exercises, asanas…).
  • SECOND CONSULTATION (60min) I will send you your new Sadhana (spiritual and energetic practices) where I will explain everything in detail and we will also practice together via Skype and / or video call.

Follow up through E-mail or WhatsApp Chat along 21 days. 


Sattva meditation is a unique meditation style that derives from the tradition of the Masters of the Himalayas. 

Using this powerful technique you will be involving Pranayama and Kriyas from the lineage of Babaji and a unique and personalized bija mantra channeled only for youIt is an integral, simple yet effective method.

Using Sattva’s meditation, we are going to generate a major consciousness inside ourselves, witnessing thoughts, feelings and emotions which are stored in the subconscious mind and which control certain patterns and behaviours.

With this method we balance both hemispheres of the brain, we open currents of energy, we feel deeply connected with mother earth and an expansion to all layers of the human body (Koshas).

This meditation is a direct door to your most essential mind, to your deepest spiritual nature, to your superior being, and to your true soul.

Some of the benefits of the meditation, if practiced at least between 20 and 30 minutes a day are:

  • It improves mental, emotional and physical health.
  • Balance at the time of facing challenges of the everyday life within a calm manner.
  • Mental clarity and Intuition
  • Self Confidence
  • It reduces the levels of stress and the anxiety
  • Major vitality and happiness
  • To overcome insomnia, tiredness and fatigue
  • More creativity

Guaranteed that dedicating 30 minutes of your day can change your life completely!


THREE ONLINE SESSIONS of 60min each where I will share with you all the ANCESTRAL AND SACRED TECHNIQUES  of the great masters of the Himalayas in a comprehensive, simple and effective way.


Follow up for a month via email / chat.





Subscribe and receive a totally free guided Meditation to relax your mind, calm your emotions connect with your soul!

  Subscribe and receive a totally free guided Meditation to relax your mind, calm your emotions connect with your soul!

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